New Platform Gives Whiskey Fans a Boozy Blockchain Boost

New Platform Gives Whiskey Fans a Boozy Blockchain Boost

A research paper is on the way to changing the world completely, in a fast and smooth way. Blockchain is going to change the preface of the upcoming modern world. 

The Japan Import System (JIS) and Recika announced in a press release that they are starting a joint venture to reshape the Japanese whiskey industry. JIS is a whiskey trading company and Recika is a Blockchain and IT specialist company. In a press release, they reveal the name of this unique firm, which is UniCask

UniCask is going to develop a blockchain-based trading platform. UniCask is going to offer opportunities to Whiskey lovers and traders to buy, sell and hold luxury liquor just like they do in a traditional market. Liquor-lovers can use this platform just like they trade with crypto.

UniCask aims to launch an eponymous platform at the beginning of this spring all over Japan. This blockchain technology will let traders and alcohol lovers, who travel around the country, have real-time information about the humidity and temperature at distilleries all over Japan.

A Glimpse on Japanese Beverage Industry

In 2020, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) published a report about the Japanese beverage industry. According to the report, the net worth of the Japanese alcoholic beverage industry is $57 Billion.  Grand View Research declared that the Japanese Whiskey sector is going to expand to $1.1 Billion by 2025.

Obstructions in Industry

These Japanese companies said it is arduous for overseas buyers and drinkers to buy a Japanese whiskey barrel. The reason behind the difficulties is the analogous management methods that use paper-based documents and a complicated management process of storage at distilleries. 

Aim of UniCask

UniCask claims that they will help to steer clear of Japanese whiskey for overseas buyers. It is arduous to keep an eye on transparency in management and monitor the real-time condition. This platform will provide real-time data of humidity and temperature at distilleries all over Japan will make it easy for overseas buyers to have a clear picture of the Japanese whiskey. 

It is said that this platform will provide opportunities to the inland and outland buyers to get rid of all the hassle. They can enjoy it with a smartphone-based system.    

Booze and blockchain are already working together. 2020-vintage Kentucky bourbon has already gotten popular in masses. 

Well, here is the start of a new era of combination between blockchain and booze.

Reshaping Food Industry

Blockchain has decentralized the world. It allows customers and producers to get rid of third parties. 

This industry is reshaping the food industry as well. Blockchain has made it easy to track the quality and the location of the food. It will pacify the food-related disease, and consumers have the chance to select the desired quality of food.

Wallmart is a major name, which is using this technology. Many production companies like Nestlé, Tyson Foods, grocers Carrefour, and Albertsons are using this decentralized technology. Moreover, the wholesalers, like Raw Seafoods and the olive oil company CHO have joined the venture with blockchain.

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